so Miggity…what is this site all about again? Bro, I don’t know – yea it’s Jan 2007, I bought this domain in November 2005 not knowing what I would use it for – got a reminder from godaddy.com hosting that the domain would expire – renewed it, and then, yea paid an extra $50 to get some server space so I could throw some content up. Yep, then I wondered – do I need to make Miggity.com have a purpose – a focus? NAh…..I never had focus, had a plan so why should my $60 investment in some random website have a plan and focus? Screw that – so here it is – I’m adding content when I get a chance, throwing some different sections in here – put some sponsor ads up – and see what happens….

Who I want to meet:
Anyone who made something out of nothing. I am not into those over-rated movie stars..I am into those under-dog hustlers…those who don’t get the publicity they deserve.

Will not settle for a cookie cutter lifestyle….

I love to have a unique life, don’t want to commute to a boring 9-5 job, I want to have a life where I meet all kinds of people, share stories, see great places, and see how far I can make it.

time for sleep
im passed out in the vatican…. Not afraid to fail, because that only makes me fight harder

currently working for a investment bank in the big NYC, run websites and promote on the side but have the dream and determination to grow a network of companies and investments….all while doing what i love and meeting great people

I have a passion for small companies…and the experience I am gaining in the corporate world combined with the success and failure in these small startups will be invaluable when i make some serious bets…..soon…..so stay tuned….

I put my heart and passion into everything I do, I love to be the shot caller in a company, like to change lives for the better, have the money not to buy nice things, but to have a better life for my family and friends and have one of an adventure lifestyle! travel, walk along a nice beach, and dominate those things that I strive to go for… Inspired, self motivated individuals like myself that will stop at nothing to get what they want in life. I’m a passionate, hard worker that has always kept my eye on the ball and help those around me achieve what they desire as well.

I live in New York, and I love to party. Work hard, play hard – right?? Living life in the fast lane, but I can appreciate a night just sitting back appreciating my friends and family.

hustlin to make it myself, so i can buy my parents a nice house, so i can party with my friends, buy everyone at the bar bicardi and live it up!

slap happy

Hartford, CT
Hartford, CT…hometown…