Yea MySpace!…
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Funny 1 Birthday Cake for the guys, Betta have my money, Ghetto Barbie, blue girls, bottle to face, girl got bounce.
Funny 2 make no mistake, camel toe, cat in micro, cat in sink, bubbly, happy new years!
Funny 3 Why you no call me?, comp guestlist, crobar ticket, striptease, Don’t hassel the hoff
Funny 4 do it, hot dog, is this your kid?, Party foul!, buffet sign
Funny 5 Family Guy – hit it, first date, tight myspace, f- yo couch, O my, a gay!
Funny 6 Four Elements, Arnold – Shut Up!, Bob Barker takes Adam Sandler, Bat to Face…, Big Mama
Funny 7 Gay Fun 1, hoff you’re the homo
Funny 8 Chick leaving a car, Champagne Anyone?, Hot Chicks, Formula Proving Girls are Evil
Funny 9 give a damn?, gynecologist convention, skeleton halloween, happy hump day, happy new year mirror….
Funny 10 friendly’s happy ending, rump shaker, boy reading playboy, ninja ball drop, we love nyc, love you candy twist
Funny 11 male brain, martini, kick ass monday, money wave, money pile, nightlife
Funny 12 not baby daddy, pimpin’, pimpology 101, please NO, rainbow lesbians, rapper afterparty
Funny 13 redman words of wisdom, sexual, shake money maker, giants, great street sign, purple slappy, spoonin’ pic
Funny 14 tease, giving thanks time, the thinker, tonight’s feature, tree giving the finger, DC crew
Funny 15 merry new years, new years toast / glasses, fXXk you – pay me!, ultimate beer girl, fat dance
Funny 16 ride the special bus, place to hide IT!, send nudes or bye bye kitty!
Christmas 1 Bling Bling Santa, Dog’s Christmas, make eggnog, flat reindeer, Grinch story, Hoff christmas
Christmas 2 From the Spears Family, reindeer like it Kinky?!, Kiss my Cat behind, still gonna laugh at Rudolph, i’ll cut it off..don’t make me, outsourcing Santa
Christmas 3 Bombs away!, snowman vs rabbit, rupaul ho ho ho, santa’s grave, miss xmas suit
Christmas 4 flying Santas vs planes, Santa, Don’t mess with Timmy, white wine, red wine xmas, Ooopsie, daddy killed Santa