Merry Christmas a time for reflection

Merry Christmas – a time for reflection
well since I’m stuck here waiting for my delayed flight in West Palm Beach Airport heading back to NYC, may as well utilize their complimentary wireless internet…..

Well the 2006 holiday season is coming to an end. I think this year has been one of the more defining years of my life – and definitely my career…..yet i still do not find any true single focus….

I love the internet – the potential it has to influence so many people on a whim, allow niches to flourish, and businesses to grow. This year has definitely been a good year for the good ol’ net.

I’ve been riding a great wave with as business has been booming there – but not without hours of work from Andrew, myself, and now my dad – as well as the first half efforts from George. i’m thankful for the strategic decisions we’ve made, our warehouse has been superb (minus the few headaches, but thats inevitable) and our backend tech has been great at doing what we thought it would – routing multiple sales channels – but the financing and accounting really remains the biggest hinderance. i’m sure we’ll find a way, we are working with an awesome quickbooks Guru – Alicia Fleri – so not all hope is lost.

Deutsche Bank has been a fun year – my coworkers are hilarious – we all seem to find way of entertaining one another, and each day theres a good story and a hangover …..haha – tons of action and I’m learning how to work with women, as somehow in an investment bank I’m completely surrounded by them – with the exception of the Irish superstar Brian Sharkey.

Then there is the personal stock trading – couple roller coaster rides but the second half of the year I really took it home, man, I’m riding high…..

And family is well – mother survived cancer surgery and ate a TON at christmas dinner -looks happier then ever in Florida – so does dad, the uncles, and nana. So that made me happy leaving today, the family is together again and happy….except sister Jocelyn – stuck in north dakota in the air force – what is going on there…….i hope she makes it…

well this damn plane is boarding – merry christmas to all – and let this next week be one of thankfulness and reflection – I’m very excited for 2007 – I have a few plans…


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