Social Network
This is a section I am most excited about – here I am going to highlight those people who should be documented on the world wide web. I wonder the reactions from this section – as certain names may be found more then others.

Along my travels, I have met some great, influential, & unique people – I hope to use this section to highlight those that have aided & shared experiences in my lifetime.

Here’s the real experiment – I’ll definitely be contacting some people I haven’t spoken to in years. That in itself will be a lot of fun….but the real interesting part of this project is as the years go by – will I be contacting one for an update…OR will this person be contacting me….which I will feel serves as a very nice way of fostering my relationships, and also a nice reason to keep in touch with me!

Co Workers
Business Contacts

coming soon…
Josh Griffiths
Richard Widdicombe